Our products and features facilitate e-commerce based knowledge exchange between consumers and independent providers via many connection methods (e.g. over the phone (toll-free or click-to-call from the web), via mobile web, iOS and Android apps, and through online text chat or email), in real-time or through appointments, 24/7/365.

We're comprised of several properties, including:

  • is where consumers seek insights in areas related to life-coaching, relationship coaching, marriage coaching, counseling-therapy, tutoring & education, physical and nutritional health among others.
  • is where providers can get a distributed self-service version of the many features found on the Ingenio platform for monetizing their knowledge.
  • is where consumers seek personal advice related to love & relationships, psychic intuitions, astrological interpretations and insights to many of life's questions.

Ingenio properties earn a percentage of the listing price charged and determined by providers through their listings along with other related fees in a marketplace environment. Ingenio solutions also include privacy (anonymity) and security, tools and applications, centralized account services, customer billing, provider payment, varied pricing models, listing bid for placement programs, search and directory, and marketing and distribution programs through API's for placement of listings on strategic partner sites.

We remain dedicated to empowering lives through the discovery of answers, insights and new perspectives to life's most pressing questions. We do this by continually redefining the way information can be conveniently and confidently exchanged.