Why Coaching & Advice Works
Life is filled with many experiences (good, bad and in between), constant distractions and the occasional feelings of self-doubt. Are you truly happy and fulfilled? Could you be a better version of yourself for you, your loved ones, your career? Do you need answers to questions related to business programs & technical skills? Of course; we all do from time to time and can benefit from someone to turn to when we need it most. And LiveAdvice advisors have the knowledge you need on a wide range of topics.

How LiveAdvice Works
STEP 1 Choose an Advisor
Look for a coach or advisor who resonates with your personality. Review what other members have to say about their approach to solving problems. Take your time, read their profiles, review their credentials and make notes on which ones might be right for you.
STEP 2 Get in touch
Contact your selected coach or advisor via phone, chat, or email for the initial consultation. You should be able to get a sense on your first couple of conversations whether this person will be the right fit for your needs or not.
STEP 3 Experience it
The most important thing is to be open to the experience and be sure you're clear on what you want to accomplish. Great advice (and the results) are founded on trust, compassion, understanding and ownership. Depending on what topic(s) you're seeking insights, keep an open mind.
STEP 4 Enjoy results
Life does not adhere to a 9–5 schedule and at LiveAdvice we understand that. Beyond supporting our communities in their paths to happiness, fulfillment and answers, LiveAdvice offers a variety of convenient communication methods: over the phone (toll-free or click-to-call from the web), via mobile, through online chat, email and more.

About Us
LiveAdvice's revolutionary idea for an e-commerce based knowledge exchange was formed in the back of a taxi cab and officially launched in 1999. Since then the platform has enabled over 35 million conversations confirming LiveAdvice as the leader in phone, chat, and web-based personal advice.
LiveAdvice's patented communication and e-commerce platform continues to evolve. Our innovative community-based tools, and proprietary web, voice, and mobile technologies help nurture valuable relationships between people for the exchange of information. Our platform supports connecting members in real-time (or through appointments), 24/7/365, to share and monetize information.
  • Enabled over 35 million conversations
  • Safe and secure
  • Real-time, anywhere, anytime
  • Founded in 1999