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Live Advice, powered by Ingenio, makes it easy for you to get live, immediate advice and information over the phone and through email. Live Advice is a community-based service organized around directories of advisors who offer their knowledge and expertise in subjects including Counseling and Therapy, Relationship Advice, Tech Help, Tax Help, Life Coaching, Tutoring, Sexual Health and more.

Talk live with computer and technology professionals specializing in Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows, Digital Music, Photography and more.

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Simplifying Technology Blog
Technology News Worth Knowing
Providing you with information on new and interesting technologies that will make your life easier; information related to open source software offerings, Microsoft products, Apple products and any other technology products affecting your daily lives.
Digitalization of Life Blog
As The World Digitizes
Our lives have become digitized: Communications, Media, and Entertainment. Take a look around you and you'll see digital everything: mobile phones, web 2.0, television, movies, video, VoIP, music, photography, books, widgets and so much more.
Small Business Blog
Small Business Web Marketing Consulting
Discover if SBI, Site Sell, Joomla or Business Blogging is the right web marketing tool for your small business? Take your small business to the next level with a web management system that works!
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