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Yes, I want to earn $25 for every friend whom I introduce to LiveAdvice!

  1. You send a Tell a Friend email to your friends who have never tried out LiveAdvice. We give them 3 free minutes just to give us a try!

  2. Your friend clicks on the link, registers, and spends $1.10 of their own money.

  3. You get $25 cash!

It's that simple! Refer anyone you know who hasn't tried LiveAdvice before!

Ready to make some extra money? Tell a Friend!

OFFER DETAILS: Your friend must be new to LiveAdvice or any of its partners or partner sites, and must act on your offer within 30 days of the date of your Tell a Friend email offer; otherwise, your friend's 3 free minute gift and your $25 referral reward will expire. Your account and your friend's account must be in good standing for you to be eligible to receive the reward. Once your friend has spent a minimum of $1.10 on paid call and has been a member for 30 days, your referral reward will be posted to your account. To get your $25 referral reward, your friend must use a credit card and phone number that is new to LiveAdvice or any of its partners or partner sites. Credit cards issued outside of North America or with foreign addresses are not eligible. LiveAdvice reserves the right to hold and/or suspend the payout of any funds pending a complete review of referring member and referees activities on LiveAdvice. LiveAdvice reserves the right to alter, cancel or suspend the Tell a Friend program at its sole discretion.

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