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Attract new customers and keep existing ones coming back by using Offers! Offers are personalized emails from you that have special offers attached (read more details about the offers below). And, if you're available to take calls, Offers lead the customer directly into a call with you!

To get started now, go to My Account and click on the Send Offers link under Tools.

How do Offers work for new customers?
If you send an Offer to an email address of someone who is not a member of LiveAdvice already, for a limited time we'll give that person a free introductory 3 free minutes to spend with you. That's 3 free minutes that you'll earn, so sending Offers is great way to jumpstart your business!

If you choose to attach 3 free minutes to an Offer, your customer will be able to call you without having to pay for the free minutes portion. You won't be compensated for those minutes, but when they're over, your customer will pay for further minutes at your normal rate. However, since customers who are new to LiveAdvice are already getting 3 free minutes, we suggest you select "0" free minutes.

How can I make $25 money by inviting new customers to LiveAdvice?
When you invite a new customer to LiveAdvice, we won't just give that new customer 3 free minutes to spend with you -- for a limited time we'll also put $25 into your account, if the customer meets the following qualifications: He/she must add a credit card never before used on LiveAdvice and spend $10 of their money on calls within 30 days. (See complete offer details.)

Important Note: Please remember that in order to protect customers from unwanted email, you may only send Mail to those customers who already appear on your My Customers list. People only appear on your My Customers list once they've placed a call to you or sent you Mail.

When will I receive my $25 referral bonuses?
You'll receive your $25 referral bonus 30 days after your new customer meets the above qualifications.

How do Offers work for existing customers?
Offers are a great way to encourage your existing customers to call again. Enter their member name, or click on Customer Lists to select individual customers or entire lists of your customers. You can also give your customers Free Minutes to give them an added incentive to call.

Free Minutes Offers are essentially a coupon that you can use to entice customers to call you. We encourage you to send a Free Minutes Offer to existing customers after every call to keep them coming back.

If I send out a Free Minutes Offer, could a customer use it over and over again?
No. A Free Minutes Offer can only be used once. After someone has used it to call you, it will no longer trigger a Free Minutes call.

Do Free Minutes ever expire?
Yes. The customer has 60 days to redeem your offer. If the customer doesn't redeem within that time frame, the minutes will expire.

What are the limits to the number of Offers I can send?
You can send an unlimited number of Offers to outside email addresses that don't belong to members, with a maximum of 100 per each mailing. You may not send Mail to customers who have never called or emailed you through LiveAdvice, but you can send each existing customer a maximum of 30 Offers per month. Once a customer has 30 unredeemed Offers from you, you won't be able to send that customer more Offers. These limits were requested by our members to prevent spam, or unwanted Offers.
Please see LiveAdvice's Anti-Spam Policy.

Do Free Minutes sent through Offers apply to all of my listings?
Free minutes don't apply to Recorded Listings. But when you send a customer Free Minutes, those Free Minutes can be redeemed for any one of your live advice listings. You can, however, direct the Offer to send customers to a specific listing. Simply click on the "change this destination" on the Invite Customers page.

Will the customer see my email address?
No. The customer will only see your member name.

How can I ensure my customers' privacy?
LiveAdvice is committed to protecting the privacy of both our advisors and your customers. We will use your customers' names and email addresses only for the purpose of the Offers program. If the customers register, they'll be covered by our Privacy Policy.

OFFER DETAILS: Your friend must be new to LiveAdvice or any of its partners or partner sites, and must act on your offer within 30 days of the date of your Tell a Friend email offer; otherwise, your friend's 3 free minute gift and your $25 referral reward will expire. Your account and your friend's account must be in good standing for you to be eligible to receive the reward. Once your friend has spent a minimum of $1.10 on paid call and has been a member for 30 days, your referral reward will be posted to your account. To get your $25 referral reward, your friend must use a credit card and phone number that is new to LiveAdvice or any of its partners or partner sites. Credit cards issued outside of North America or with foreign addresses are not eligible. LiveAdvice reserves the right to hold and/or suspend the payout of any funds pending a complete review of referring member and referees activities on LiveAdvice. LiveAdvice reserves the right to alter, cancel or suspend the Tell a Friend program at its sole discretion.

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