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  Making Appointments  
What are appointments?
Scheduling an appointment ensures you'll be able to talk to an advisor during a time and date that's most convenient for you.

How do I know if an advisor offers appointments?
If an advisor accepts appointments, a "Request Appointment" button can be found on their listing details page. If you don't see that button, they do not offer appointments however you can ask them to activate appointments by sending them a Mail.

How do appointments work?
If an advisor offers appointments, click on "Request Appointment." You'll then be asked to:
  • Select a date and time for the appointment.
  • Verify the phone number where we can reach you.
After completing your request, you'll receive a Mail confirming whether the advisor has accepted or declined the appointment. One thing to note: your appointment is not confirmed until they accept your request.

Where can I find my scheduled appointments?
Your My Appointments page allows you to keep track of all your appointment and allows you to edit or cancel if you're unable to keep an appointment for any reason.

What happens when my appointment time arrives?
You'll receive a call from LiveAdvice one minute before your scheduled appointment.

What if I'm on a call when my appointment time arrives?
If you're speaking to another advisor during the time of your scheduled appointment, LiveAdvice will not call you.
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