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  Record Name and Greeting  

What does it mean to record my member name and greeting?
When you press "9" to change your availability on 1-888-464-3646, you hear "Press 3 to record your member name and greetings for your listings." This feature lets you personalize your customers' experience on 1-888-464-3646, while marketing yourself more effectively to new customers as well.

Who uses 1-888-464-3646?
We've found that our best customers like to use 1-888-464-3646 to reach their favorite advisors, especially when it isn't convenient for them to use their PC.

Why do I need to record my member name and greetings?
Customers who have called you before will hear your member name when they call 1-888-464-3646 and press "1" to hear My Favorite Advisors. Potential customers who use 1-888-464-3646 will hear both your member name and your greeting.

What will customers hear if I don't record my member name and greeting?
Customers who have called you before and press "1" to hear My Favorite Advisors will simply hear your extension #. New customers using 1-888-464-3646 can browse a list of advisors in their chosen category, and they'll only be able to find you if you've recorded a greeting for each of your listings.

How long should my member name and greeting be?
You'll have up to 3 seconds to record your member name and 15 seconds for your greeting.

What should I record for my member name?
If you haven't created one yet -- if your member name is something like "Member102345" -- you should create a member name that's friendly and memorable.

What should I record for my greetings?
Think of the greeting you create for each of your listings as a 15-second radio ad. It should include your member name and a brief but vivid description of the advice you have to offer and what makes it unique.

Do I need to record greetings for all my listings?
You only need to record greetings for each of your Live Advice listings, not for your Recorded Listings.

Do you have any other ideas or suggestions?
If you have any suggestions for how we can make your recorded member name and greetings work better, or any other ideas for features you'd like to see on 1-888-464-3646, please feel free to email your thoughts to [email protected] Thanks!

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