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What does Powered by ingenio mean?
Websites with the “Powered by Ingenio” logo rely on the LiveAdvice technology platform, which lets you:

  • Use one email address (or member name) and password to sign in to all websites and services that are powered by Ingenio.

  • Use one account that stores your information privately and securely across all powered by Ingenio websites and services.

  • Enjoy the familiarity of the same features you use on LiveAdvice, such as live calls and Recorded Listings, My Favorite Advisors, Featured Listings, Send Offers, My Customers, Mail and more.

My account is now powered by Ingenio. What does that mean?
Since you've already registered on LiveAdvice, you'll now be able to use the email address and password you created on LiveAdvice to access all your account information on any website that has the “powered by Ingenio” logo. If you see this logo, you won’t need to register for that website:

Powered by Ingenio

If you’re a customer
You’ll be able to talk to advisors using the payment info in your current account, on LiveAdvice and other websites that are powered by Ingenio. You can also maintain the same list of favorite advisors you’ve had since you joined LiveAdvice.

If you’re an advisor
It’s business as usual. You’ll talk to the same customers, enjoy the same great commissions and have access to the same valuable marketing tools, such as Featured Listings, Send Offers, My Customers, My Recent Calls, Call Backs and Appointments.

Is my account information safe?
Always. As you know, your privacy is very important to LiveAdvice. Your name, phone number and other personal information are never revealed during calls, and we continue to be a licensee of TRUSTe, a third-party “watchdog” which audits our privacy practices to make sure that we meet the standards of TRUSTe's Privacy Program.
(Learn more about our privacy policy.)

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The Basics:
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