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  Newspaper & Yellow Pages Advertising  

The majority of information and tools we provide are designed to help you find new customers on the Internet. But what about promoting your advice "offline"? Personally selling your advice with business cards or flyers is one effective method. Another powerful way to promote your listings is advertising offline -- local newspapers, yellow pages, magazines, bus stops, etc. Advertising outside of the Internet has several important advantages:

  • You can reach potential customers who don't spend much time on the Internet, or don't have access at all.

  • You can reach potential customers during the time when they aren't on the Internet. The average home Internet user only spends 4 or 5 hours online. How can you reach them during the other 160 hours in their week?

  • Potential customers may be more inclined to seek your advice when they aren't online.

Advertising Options Outside the Internet

Here a few ideas to consider:

  • Local community newspaper
    These newspapers will have fewer subscribers, so the cost of an ad will be lower.

  • Free weekly newspapers
    Many larger cities have free weekly newspapers that are more focused on entertainment and target younger age groups.

  • Yellow pages
    This is the traditional place where consumers look for products and services they need.

  • Local outdoor advertising: bus stops, benches, billboards
    Have you ever wondered why real estate agents and doctors advertise on bus stops and city benches? They've learned it can be an effective way to find new customers!

  • Mergemail: ValPak, Welcome Wagon
    You've probably received these direct mail pieces in your mailbox, full of coupons for local merchants. You can find the companies online at or

  • Magazines or newspapers specific to your category
    There are so many publications for all kinds of interests out there! For example, a widely distributed astrology publication is Dell Horoscopes.

Getting Started
There are no set rules or formulas for advertising offline. The type of advertising that works for you will depend on the type of advice you sell and the advertising opportunities available in your community. To get started, we recommend you plan your advertising with the following steps:

  • Who is your typical customer? Try to estimate their income level, education, gender, and age. Where would they be likely to live? What would they read? What types of activities do they do each day?

  • If you wanted to reach this typical customer with advertising, where would you advertise? Make a list.

  • Purchase or view examples of advertising on your list (e.g. purchase a local newspaper). Who is advertising in each? Is anyone advertising similar advice or products to what you offer?

  • Contact the media company that sells the advertising (e.g. the newspaper publisher). Ask them about advertising rates and how many viewers or subscribers they have. Divide the advertising rate by the number of viewers. How much will it cost you to reach potential customers?

  • Prioritize your list and try your top advertising options. How many additional calls did you get?

What to Say in Your Advertising
Less is more when it comes to advertising. Tell each potential customer why they should call you. Keep your sales pitch short and sweet; the average person tends to have a short attention span. But make sure you cover the basic information about your services on LiveAdvice:

  • What advice you offer

  • How you're different from your competition (optional)

  • A strong call-to-action - tell them what they need to do next (e.g., Call now!) and how to find you on LiveAdvice

With offline advertising, make sure you include 1-888-464-3646 and your extension number. Potential customers might not have online access!

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