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What is My Account?
My Account is the page that puts all your account information at your fingertips, from your recent calls to your account balance, your Mail to the rest of your personal information.

What does LiveAdvice have to do with my account?
Websites with the powered by Ingenio logo rely on the LiveAdvice technology platform, which lets you:

  • Use one email address (or member name) and password to sign in to all websites and services that are powered by Ingenio.

  • Use one account that stores your information privately and securely across al powered by Ingenio websites and services.

Enjoy the familiarity of the same features you use on LiveAdvice, such as live calls and Recorded Listings, My Favorite Advisors, Featured Listings, Send Offers, My Customers, Mail and more.

What do I see on My Account?
The information you'll see when you visit your My Account page will depend on whether you're a:

  • Customer -- a person who primarily makes calls to seek advice or information, or an
  • Advisor -- a person who creates listings and receives calls.
Here's a quick look at My Account from both perspectives:

My Account -- Customer View
My Account is the personal dashboard for customers. From this page, you can:

  • Check your Mail
  • Get up-to-the-minute Transaction Details
  • Check out a personalized list of advisors you might enjoy talking to
  • Verify and change your phone number and other Personal Info
  • Check your recent call to your favorite advisor
  • Run searches on LiveAdvice.
  • And access other useful links.

My Account -- Advisor View
My Account is your page for one-stop account management. From this page, you can:

It's never been easier to build, manage and grow your business on LiveAdvice!

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  The Basics

The Basics:
Registering - Member Names - Password - One-Line Users - Payment Info - My Account


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