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If you've created some groups or you're participating in groups as an advisor, the My Groups pages and the Group Management pages give you all the tools you need.

  • New groups you've created appear under the "Groups I'm Managing" section of the My Groups page.
  • Groups you've joined appear under the "Groups I'm In" section of the page. From this page you can "manage" or "delete" your groups, or "resign" from groups that you've joined.

Getting Your Group Ready for Business

1. Invites

So you've created a group. Now what?

First you need to populate your group home page by inviting listings that you'd like to make a part of your group. You do this on the Group Management page (click the "Manage" link corresponding to the group). Then click "Invite Listings," find the listings you'd like to add to your group, and begin inviting those advisors to join.

2. Advisor Approval

After you invite prospective advisors to join your group, they must accept your invitation before they actually become part of your group. Be patient!

3. Non-invited advisors

Some advisors may take the initiative and ask to join your group. A section titled "Listings Awaiting Approval" will contain the listings of these unsolicited advisors. You can review these listings and then approve or reject them.

4. Links & Reports

While you're waiting for responses from the advisors you've invited into your group, you can begin setting up your marketing and promotional efforts. Remember: the only way you'll make money from your group is by getting people to visit your group home page and call your group's listings!

My Groups lets you create Web links (otherwise known as URLs) which you can give to partners and other websites to drive traffic to your group home page. You can also track how many customers each of these links brings you and even share that revenue with your promotional partners (if you happen to set up the deal that way).

What if I'm an advisor?

So you've joined a group as an advisor. Now what?

Nothing. Everything works the same way. You set your availability and take calls whenever you want. Your group manager is working in the background trying to send you additional callers.

Meanwhile, you'll maintain your existing flow of calls. We'll keep track of which calls come through the group, and which calls are from new customers introduced to you by the group manager that are still subject to the group term, as described above. You'll only pay the administration fee for these calls.

What is the My Groups Page?

This page shows all the groups you've created and all the groups in which you have at least one listing. You can review certain statistics for each group you manage:

  • Click-Throughs represent the number of times individual customers visited your group (remember that the same person can visit, and be counted, more than once).
  • Calls are the number of calls made to your group.
  • Minutes are the total minutes represented by those calls.
  • Revenue is the total amount spent by members on calls to your group.

How can customers find my group?

Note that there are no links to your group on LiveAdvice. So for members to find your group, you need to create a link directly to your group home page from outside the LiveAdvice website. My Groups gives you the ability to generate links to give to your partners and other websites.

What is the link management page?

The link management page lets you track your Group call activity and tells you which links from other sites led to each call.

As the group manager, it's your responsibility to drive traffic to your group in order to generate calls and revenue. The link management tool lets you create links with embedded tracking information so you will know, for instance, that link 1000 gave you 20 calls, link ABC123 gave you 15 calls, etc. You may create as many links as you need, and choose the labels for each link.

You can create two types of links:

  • One links to your group home page, where visitors can view your group's listings and make calls.
  • The other links directly to a call to one of your listings. In other words, it attempts to connect the customer with the advisor without even going to the Group Home Page.

Both types of links will be tracked with the labels you assigned to them.

The actual URL associated with each link appears in a column in the link management report. This is the URL you should copy and give to your partners to generate traffic for your group.

What is the call Activity page?

The call Activity page lets you check all the calls that were made to your group. There are three ways to view call activity:

  • "All calls" shows you all the calls that were made to your group for a given period, sorted in chronological order.
  • "Listing Summary" summarizes calls, revenue, etc. for each listing in your group;
  • Clicking on the "number of calls" for a given listing in the "Listing Summary" view will show you that listing's "expansion view," including each individual call to that listing.

What is "call Revenue," and "Group Revenue" and "Listing Revenue?"

The call activity, link management and My Groups pages all refer to these terms.

call Revenue is the total amount paid by the customer for the call or calls in question. This is the entire pie -- the total amount of revenue available before anybody's commissions or fees are calculated.

Group Revenue is that portion of the call revenue that is earned by the group manager.

Listing Revenue is that portion of the call revenue that is earned by the advisor.

How do I invite listings?

As a group manager, you must populate your group with listings that fit your topic or theme. You do this through the "Invite Listings" link on the group management page. Browse the appropriate categories and topics until you see customer listings which you like. Then check the box and press "Invite." A Mail invitation will be sent to the advisor, asking them to check out your group and inviting them to join.

Note that inviting an advisor doesn't automatically make them part of your group. He or she must accept your invitation first.


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