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  Improve Your Listing  

To market yourself most effectively, consider the following tips when creating or editing your listing:

Title Tips
Description Tips
Using HTML
Choosing An Appropriate Price Per Minute
Adding a Photo
Creating a Schedule

Title Tips

Your listing title could include an overview of the advice you can provide; the topics you can discuss; and specific questions you can answer.

Description Tips

Your listing description should tell potential customers who you are, what you know and why they should call you. Try to be clear, concise and creative when creating your description -- it's your best chance to sell yourself and your listing!

Using HTML

Use basic HTML to reformat your listing and make it look great! Check out some HTML tips in our guide to Using HTML to improve your listing. Also, take a look at some of the listings on the site that use HTML to varying degrees.

Note: When you're creating your page, please make sure that if you're using HTML, you don't use relative references to images. If you have questions about why using relative links will not work, please contact Customer Support.

Choosing an Appropriate Per-Minute Fee *

This is the price customers pay for each minute of conversation (you keep 70% after platform fees have been deducted). You should choose your price carefully, but keep in mind that you can change this price at any time.

  • Select a per-minute fee that you feel represents fair value for your time.
  • If you want to just chat about your subject, you might charge less; you could charge more for an area in which you are expert.
  • Try to make your rate competitive with other s in your category.

We strongly recommend the following to greatly increase your call volume:

Add a Photo

  • According to our research, listings personalized with photos earn three times as much money as listings that lack this simple marketing tool, so add a photo to your listing and add color and excitement to your detailed listing page.
  • You can upload your photo to both new and old listings. You can edit or change your photo for a listing in the "Update" listings section under My Listings. Photos must be in JPG, GIF or BMP format, no larger than 400KB, and square (e.g. 95 pixels x 95 pixels), so that they'll display properly throughout the site. We suggest that you send a head shot, as it's usually easier to see.
  • HTML users: please see the "Add Images" section in Using HTML.

Create a Schedule

  • This allows you to control when you'll be available to receive calls.
  • You select the days and times that you would like to be listed as available, and our system automatically changes your availability according to the times you request. You will only receive calls during these scheduled times.
  • You can manually override your schedule at any time by going to the home page and clicking "Yes" or "No."


* Amounts used in examples are not guaranteed amounts and are subject to change.

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