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  Joining Groups  

What is the Join Group page?

The Join Page is where you, as an advisor, can decide to participate in the My Groups feature. Your existing listings appear on this page, and you can request that any of them be included in the group.

You can find this page in a couple ways:

  • Through a link in the Mail invitation that a group manager sends to advisor.
  • Through a link on the group's home page.

Each group has a unique Join Page whose "Join Message" explains why you may wish to join this group, including the group's goals, how the group manager expects to market the group, the qualifications he or she is looking for in prospective advisors, and other reasons to join the group.

You can also follow a link to the group home page to learn more about the group.

What's the administration fee?

The administration fee is the percentage of your advisor revenue that the group manager receives for marketing and driving business to your listings in this group. When the group manager drives a call to you, he or she will collect an administration fee for that call. If the group manager introduces a new customer to you, he or she will collect the administration fee for all calls between you and the new customer for a period equal to the "Term", beginning with the first call between you and your customer. In most cases, the Term will be six (6) months. Calls to your listings that do not go through the group and are not with customers introduced to you through the group will continue to earn the full amount that you usually receive. Note that you, the advisor, only pay a percentage of your earnings for incremental revenue that you receive by being part of the group.

The group manager can't raise this fee once you've joined, though he or she may choose to lower it in the future.

If you have questions about any particular group, feel free to send Mail to the group manager, using the link at the bottom of the Join Page.

What's the Term?

The Term is the length of time that you, as an advisor, will be subject to the Administration Fee for calls from new customers introduced to you through the group. Only new customers you acquire as a direct result of the group will be subject to the Term. The Term begins with the initial contact date between you and the new customer. Note that each of your new customers will have a term with its own start date. At the end of the Term, calls between you and the customer will no longer be subject to the Administration Fee.

If a Term is described as "None" (effectively a Term equal to zero), then the group manager will only collect an Administration Fee for calls which originate from the group home page, group links or a special group phone number. If a customer subsequently makes a call to you without using the group interface, then you will not be subject to the Administration Fee, regardless of whether the customer was introduced to you by the group.

The group manager can't increase the length of the Term once you've joined the group.

A Term marked as "Permanent" has no expiration date.

How do I add a listing to a group?

This page shows you all your existing listings. You can add a listing to this group by selecting one of your current listings (or a new one that you create for this purpose) and choosing "Send Request."

If the status of the listing you are adding is "Invited By Manager," then that listing will be automatically approved. Otherwise the group manager will review the listing and let you know whether it is accepted into the group.

What are the possible status conditions for my listings?

Your listings can have four status conditions with regard to joining groups:

  • Not In Group These listings are not in the group in question, and they haven't been invited to join. You can ask to add these listings to the group, but the group manager will have to approve them before they're added.
  • Invited by Manager These listings have been invited to join this group by the group manager, and will be added at your request.
  • In Group These listings have already joined the group in question.
  • Request Sent You've asked the group manager to add these listings to the group, but haven't received an answer.

I received an invitation to join a group. What does this mean?

In order to populate his group, a group manager sends Mails to other advisors, inviting them to join his group. If you receive such an invitation, it's up to you whether to add your listings to this group (and thereby receive call from people who find your listings through that group).

What if I don't want to join any groups?

If you're satisfied with your current call volume, you can disable group invitations by visiting Mail Preferences, and you won't receive any Mail invitations to join groups. You can always change your mind later on.

But remember: being part of a group can only add to your business on LiveAdvice. Participating in a group in no way cuts into the earnings you already make on our site.

What if I want to resign from a group?
You can resign from a group at any time. Just go to My Account, click "Groups I'm In," then click the "Resign" link next to any group from which you'd like to be removed. Remember: When you recruit a new customer through a group -- i.e., anyone who makes their first call to you through this group -- the group manager will still collect an administration fee for all calls between you and this customer for the group's "Term,", a period of time beginning with your first call with this customer. The Term will usually be six (6) months.


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