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  My Groups - Intro  
  My Groups is a feature that empowers you to make money on LiveAdvice by creating, marketing and profiting from a collection of listings organized around any topic you choose. Whether you want to create and run a group or just join one to get more calls and make more money, My Groups will make it happen.

Bear in mind that when you create a group, you only make money from customers whom you drive directly to your group home page. Anyone can become a group manager, but you should only create a group if you have the ability to market and promote it outside of our website.

Finally, if you're worried about your existing business, don't be. Joining someone else's group won't impact your existing listings at all. You can only make money by joining a group.

Want to create a group?

  • As a group manager, you'll earn an administration fee -- a share of the revenue for all calls you drive to advisors in your group. You'll earn the administration fee for all calls initiated from your group home page, or initiated through a link to a listing in your group that you created with the Link Management tool in My Groups.

  • If an advisor in your group meets a new customer through your group, you'll collect the administration fee for every call that takes place between the advisor and his or her new customer for the period of your group's Term, beginning with their first advisor (in most cases, the Term will be six months).

  • As the group manager, you set the administrative fee, and advisors must agree to it prior to joining your group.

  • Creating a group is similar to creating an ordinary listing. You'll choose a title and a listing for your home page and populate it by finding appropriate listings on LiveAdvice and inviting these listings into your group. You can use plain text and/or HTML on this page; do your best to make a good first impression on your visitors!

  • The groups you create will not appear among the individual listings on LiveAdvice. Your customers will only be able to access your group by coming directly to your group home page through your marketing efforts. You'll only earn administration fees when you drive traffic to your group's' listings through your own marketing efforts.

  • My Groups helps you create the links that you will use to drive customers to your group home page. We'll even give you online, up-to-the-minute information on how many calls your group is receiving, which listings are producing the most revenue and which of your ads is bringing in the most customers. Building an online business was never easier!

Sound good? Create a Group and get started!

Want to join a group?

  • As an advisor, it's up to you whether to participate in groups, but the benefits can be enormous. Ordinarily your calls come from people who find your listings on the LiveAdvice website. The group manager, by contrast, spreads the word about his or her group through ad campaigns, links on other websites, etc., in order to drive customers to the group home page, where they can easily find your listings and call you -- calls you otherwise never would have received.

  • When the group manager drives a call to you, he or she will collect an administration fee -- a percentage of your revenue for that call. If the group manager introduces a new customer to you, he or she will collect the administration fee for all calls between you and your new customer for a period equal to the "Term", beginning with the first call between you and your customer. In most cases, the Term will be six months.

  • The group manager's proposed administration fee will be specified when you're invited into that group. Calls that people make to your listings that don't go through the group and are not with customers introduced to you through the group will continue to earn the full amount that you generally receive.

  • Group managers decide which listings they want in their groups. If a group manager sees your listing and wants it in his or her group, he or she will send you a Mail invitation. Then it's up to you to decide whether you want to join the group and let someone else work to increase your business!

  • If you're satisfied with your current call volume, you can disable group invitations by visiting Mail Preferences, and you won't receive Mail asking you to join groups (you can change your preferences at any time).

  • You can also resign from a group at any time. Just go to My Account, click "Groups I'm In," then click the "Resign" link next to any group from which you'd like to be removed. Remember: When you recruit new customers through a group -- i.e., anyone who makes their first Mail to you through this group -- the group manager will still collect an administration fee for all calls between you and this customer for a period equal to the "Term," beginning with the first time you spoke to this customer. The Term will usually be six months.

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Support team.

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