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  LiveAdvice Feedback Removal Policy  
  We urge all Members to please use caution and good judgment when leaving feedback for your Advisors. What you write can be read by other Members, and you cannot go back and edit your remarks - they become a permanent part of that Advisor's record. To learn how ratings are calculated please click here.

Please also bear in mind that you can be held legally responsible for damages to someone's reputation if a court finds that your remarks are defamatory. Under applicable laws, including the Communications Decency Act, LiveAdvice is not legally responsible for the feedback that Members post on its Site, even if that feedback is defamatory. Liveadvice provides a rating system and feedback forum as a place for our Members to express their opinions, and we will neither censor these opinions nor investigate them for accuracy.

To ensure that the feedback system is not abused, LiveAdvice may remove feedback in the limited situations described below. If you believe that another Member has left feedback for you that meets one or more of the following criteria, you should contact us by filling out a Support Form and selecting "Ratings / Feedback" to seek review.

Circumstances In Which LiveAdvice Will Consider Removing Feedback:

The feedback was written with the sole intention of describing or commenting on Liveadvice itself and not the Advisor or the Advisor's Advisor Services.

• The feedback contains profane or vulgar language, Adult Content or adult material. Using inflammatory words such as "scam," "fake," "liar," "sucks" or "boring" is discouraged but will not be removed.

• The feedback contains personal identifying information about a Member, including real name, address, phone number or email address.

• The feedback contains negative comments regarding an Advisor failing to perform actions or provide services that are outside the scope of the Advisor Services described in the listing.

• The feedback is left by an Advisor for her or himself (whether directly or indirectly, using secondary Member names or third parties to leave such feedback).

• The feedback is left by a Member who provided LiveAdvice with false contact information during the registration process, and cannot be contacted.

• A Member leaves multiple ratings or feedback entries in order to harass one or more Members. If LiveAdvice, in its sole discretion, finds feedback to be of a harassing nature LiveAdvice may remove all but the original feedback.

• The feedback refers to another Member's feedback, mentions other Advisors, or includes links, URLs or information promoting another website.

• Feedback describing disconnected calls may be removed if the Advisor agrees to refund the cost of the call to the Member.

• Feedback mistakenly left or intended for another Advisor will be considered for removal only when the Member responsible informs LiveAdvice of the error.

This Feedback Policy forms part of the Member Agreement and is incorporated by reference therein. Capitalized terms not defined herein will have the meanings set forth in the Member Agreement and related policies.

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