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What's an email signature?
An email signature is an easy way to personalize the end of all your emails, and a great way to advertise your listing or home page on LiveAdvice! Many Web-based email providers like Yahoo or MSN Hotmail and email software such as Microsoft® Outlook give you the option of adding a few lines of text or HTML automatically to the bottom of every email you send.

Here are some examples of what you can say in your email signature.

1. Simply list your home page address.

2. Add a line of text that advertises the services you offer, and includes your home page address.

For example:

Need advice? Call me now!


3. Add your Call Button to your email signature. The great thing is that it displays whether or not you're available, and if you're not, it's easy for customers to contact you through Mail with one click of your Call Button! For Web-based email, this works the same way as placing a Call Button on a Web page.

Call Now

Instructions for Adding a Link to Your Email Signature
To add a signature to your emails in Yahoo or MSN Hotmail, click on the Options link, find the Signature link and follow the instructions.

To add a Call Button to your signature in Microsoft® Outlook, select "Tools" from the menu bar, then find "Options" and click on the "Mail Format" tab. Click the "Signatures" button to create your personalized message. If you're having trouble, use Microsoft Outlook Help.

You can also add your Call Button to your Outlook email signature! Follow these instructions carefully - it's a little tricky!

  1. Go to Get Customers and click “Place this live button on websites” to get your Call Button. Open a new Notepad file and cut and paste the HTML code. Notepad can be found by clicking on your Windows Start Menu button, select Programs, Accessories and Notepad.

  2. Save this Notepad file in C:\Documents and Settings\<your login name>\Application Data\Microsoft\Signatures\. Important: you need to save the file with a .htm extension. Type in file name CallNowSig.htm and select "Save as type: All Files".

  3. Within Microsoft Outlook, go to Tools--> Options... --> Mail Format. In the Message Format section, make sure the "Send Messages in this Format" dropdown says HTML. In the Signature section near the bottom, you should see CallNowSig as an option in the dropdown. Choose it and click Apply.
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