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The Call Details page itemizes the details of all the calls your group receives. Here's a quick summary and explanation of the information you'll be able to find on this page.

Group Manager Earnings -- How much you earned from your Group Manager's fee for this call.

Advisor Earnings * -- How much the customer paid for this call, and how much the advisor earned, once the platform fees ($0.40 per minute), LiveAdvice's fee (43% for all conversations, 43% for calls to Recorded Listings), and the Group Manager's fee are subtracted.

Billing Information -- The customer's member name, when the call began and ended, and how many minutes it lasted.

Promotional Minutes and Money -- Any LiveAdvice Free Minutes promotions or advisor's Free Minutes offers that impacted the advisor's earnings, and your Group Manager's fee, from this call.

Call Feedback -- What rating and written feedback, if any, this call received from the customer. Note: If the customer didn't leave feedback, the advisor will be offered a chance to send them Mail to follow up and ask for their feedback about the call.

Listing Information -- The listing's title, category, topic and per-minute fee (which can vary if either the customer or advisor is outside the U.S..


* Amounts used in examples are not guaranteed amounts and are subject to change.

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