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  Taking Appointments  
Appointments For Advisors
Enabling appointments is a great way to grow your business (and boost your earnings!). With appointments, you can:
  • Allow customers to schedule future sessions with you by phone or through video!
  • Allow new customers to conveniently connect with you.
  • Receive appointment sessions and still appear unavailable online for other customers.

Managing Appointments
Call Appointments
Video Appointments

Managing Appointments

How do I enable appointments?
You can enable appointments via your communication methods and settings page by checking the box to accept appointments. When appointments are enabled a customer can only request an appointment within the Advisor's defined Office Hours.

What are the basics for creating an appointment type?
  • When naming your Appointment, you should be descriptive so it will make sense to a customer as they will see this name when scheduling an appointment with you i.e. Introductory Session or Follow-Up Session.
  • Total Duration: This is the amount of time a client will be able to speak with you.
  • Clean-up Time: This allows you to have a break between appointments or give your customers a few extra minutes to wrap up the appointment. It's your choice and it is not required.
  • The customer will see an appointment duration which excludes clean-up time; so again, up to you how you choose to spend this time e.g. if you choose 60 minute total duration with 10 minutes clean-up time, the customer will see 50 minute duration when requesting the appointment.
  • Billing: Customers are charged the full amount before starting the session e.g. if you set your price for the 50 minute appointment at $200, the customer will be billed the entire amount before the starting the session. Appointments are only available in increments of time i.e. appointments can't be billed by the minute like live calls.
  • Communication Method: You have the flexibility to offer either via phone or video; it's up to you!
Where do I create appointments?
You create appointments from "Settings Appointment Types" or directly from here.

What happens when a customer requests an appointment with me?
You'll receive a Mail when a customer requests an appointment. You then need to accept or decline their request as an appointment is not confirmed until you've accepted the customer's request.

How do I cancel an appointment?
You can cancel at any time from My Appointments page, but please give at least 24 hours in advance notice out of consideration for the other party.

What if I don't want appointments enabled?
No problem just uncheck the box from your communication methods and settings page and customers will not have the ability to request one with you.

Where can I view and manage my appointments?
You can view a snapshot of upcoming appointments via your Advisor Dashboard as well as manage and make changes to all pending and accepted appointments from your My Appointments page.

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Call Appointments

Can a customer still call me via "Call Now" if they don't have an appointment?
Absolutely! If enabled via communication methods and settings, the Call Now button will automatically display during your Office Hours without the need of a scheduled appointment. When outside of your Office Hours, the Call Now button will automatically not display.

What happens at the appointment time?
LiveAdvice calls you at your scheduled appointment with the customer already on the line.

What if I'm busy in another conversation on LiveAdvice?
In the event that you're busy with another customer on LiveAdvice:
  1. LiveAdvice will call the customer. If they don't answer or do not accept the call, nothing further will happen. You can continue with your current conversation.
  2. To decline your scheduled appointment and stay on your current call, simply press 2. Rejecting a scheduled appointment will count as a missed call. We strongly suggest you honor all scheduled appointments once you've confirmed them.

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Video Appointments

Are there certain requirements for enabling video?
Yes. To enable video you need to:
  • Ensure your camera and mic are enabled on your computer.
  • Have a high-speed internet connection (300 kbps or more).
  • Use Chrome (preferred), Firefox or Internet Explorer current versions are required.
  • Not use Safari as it is not supported at this time.

How do I enter the Video Appointment?
To enter a Video Appointment, click "Video Room" button from the Appointments Received page. You'll be able to enter the Video Room 10 minutes before an appointment. If you lose connection at any time during the session, reconnect by clicking "Connect to Video Session."

Can I offer immediate Live Video like I can through calls and chat?
No. At this time, video is only supported via appointments.

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