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I teach people how to stay in a peaceful state emotionally and spiritually while making the most wise and healthy decisions for their mental well being.

  1. Reduce your feelings associated with mental or emotional distress and suffering as quickly as possible.
  2. Teach you skills that you can employ yourself to prevent you from falling back into conditions of relationship struggles.
  3. Center you on the path for self-improvement and advancement in your personal and professional life.

    There are many relationship issues I can help you work through. This list is a small sample of a few of them

    • .
    • Repetitive arguing without resolution
    • Interracial dating and partnerships
    • Significant Age differences
    • Extramarital affairs
    • Communication problems
    • Pre and post-divorce stress
    • Relationship Sabotage
    • Unresolved relationship issues masquerading as sex problems
    • Decision making that involves co-parenting
    • Relationships with your partner with a different religious faith
    • There are many self-improvement and advancement issues I can help you work through. This list is a small sample of a few of them

      • .
      • What you need to succeed
      • Self-confidence and self-esteem and what they mean to you when life is difficult
      • Ethnic and racial identity struggles
      • Workplace bullying
      • Career change
      • Self-image challenges
      • Feelings associated with threats of rejection and or failure
      • Proper self-evaluation
      • How to be angry
      • Emotional and fiscal recovery from job loss
      • WHY ME?

        Training, training, training. I hold a Ph.D. in Psychology and dual master degrees including a master in clinical social work, master in experimental psychology and B.A. in psychology. As a professor, I have been training master and Ph.D level psychotherapist in graduate schools since 2000. I have been providing consultation to experienced psychotherapists on complex cases in individual, couples and family matters and workplace concerns. I will competently work with all ethnic groups including but not limited to African American, Latino, Asian, African, White American, and Eastern and Western European.YOU ARE IN GOOD HANDS!

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4/29/2020 Rene Casey 5 stars I chatted with Dr. Carlos. I was pleased with the depth of his responses. It was evident that he is highly trained. He offered various scenarios to help me understand my situation. I felt as though he was fully focused on my individual need. Thanks Dr, Carlos! 
4/28/2020 star13131313 5 stars Wow !!!!! I don't know what to say. This Provider blew me away. I never wanted to go see a therapist. I didn't want a mental health diag on my record. He helped me tremendously!! He will help you get through this Pandemic.We all need someone to talk to. His session help me so much. Thank you Doctor Carlos !!! 

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