How to Date Successfully... Online!

Ingenio Category: Relationship Coaching

dateonline.jpg The dating world gets a bum rap. Dating takes a lot of time and dedication and is often met with lots of frustrations along the way. Done properly, however, the dating experience can be extremely positive and more importantly-- super fun!
Dating has evolved along with the evolution of tech. Dating sites aren’t necessarily new, but they’ve definitely become more mainstream. Today, you can have dating profiles on tons of websites or apps for free. While this is awesome for giving you the freedom and flexibility to search in a private way and curate your own profile, some minor mistakes can still stand in the way of people from finding a great partner they deserve.

Online dating can be incredibly fulfilling if done properly, so Ingenio is here to teach you the tricks of the trade! Check out our helpful tips to ensure you land some great dates with great people.

1. Be Smart
This isn’t supposed to scare you off from dating online, but like anything you do in cyberspace, use your discretion when it comes to sharing personal information. Taking safety precautions is always crucial, whether it’s online or in person. Don’t give out your home phone number or address until you get to know someone well, and always choose a public place for your first date. When you’ve set a place to meet, let a friend know where you’ll be. Use common sense when dating online, just like you would in real life!

2. Self-Evaluate
Look, if you’re looking to find a great relationship, you need to not only be honest with others, but be honest with yourself. Think about what kind of person you’re looking for and don’t settle. You can connect with great people as long as you’re true to yourself and your needs, and open and honest about what they are.

3. Market Yourself
Profiles with photos get 10-times as many hits as those without. Share a recent photograph of yourself that you’re comfortable with. Use current, up-to-date pictures, not the snapshot that wedding five years ago that miraculously made you look 3 inches taller and 10 pounds thinner. While you can highlight your greatest assets and share some of your achievements, don't try to hide who you are. Deception is a terrible foundation upon which to build a relationship.

4. Be Direct
Whether you’re male or female or in-between, you have a right to date someone you’re interested in! Don’t let them slip by by not taking a chance. It’s okay to be direct and make the first move! Just remember to always be courteous and kind. Being behind a computer screen doesn’t give anyone a pass to not be polite.

5. Be Patient
Dating is a process that deserves patience. Without it, you’ll find yourself bummed out and frustrated often. Change your mindset. The more patient you are, the more fun you’ll have. Impatience will also bring about desperation—a dating no-no! People can smell desperate from a mile away, or, in this case, through a computer screen. So, recognize that to date and have great experience requires persistence and a positive attitude, and you’ll have memorable experiences.

6. Hire an Ingenio Relationship Coach
Need we say more? Hiring an Ingenio Relationship Coach will help get you through all the stages of dating and really let the best version of you shine through. Love and relationships should be light-hearted, positive, and exciting experiences! You don’t have to be Ryan Gosling (really, you don’t) to get the attention you deserve. An Ingenio coach can help fine-tune your skills and help you become more confident. Once you take that step, you’re sure to be the busiest person on the block in no time.