The Truth About Commitment

Ingenio Category: Life Coaching


When it comes to results in any area of your life, there’s one major factor at play: Commitment.  The level of success you achieve out of any proactive step you take in your life is directly linked to the level of commitment you’re giving when taking that step. You want the best results? You need to be truly committed.

You can be honest here… is there a certain area in your life that you feel you’re not achieving what you really want to, or results aren’t what you expect them to be? Take a deep look and answer whether or not you could be giving to any of those areas. Giving more focus, energy, time, aka: the perfect commitment package.

So are you ready to become more committed? Here are some tips:

1. Change Your Words

Listen to yourself think. Now listen to yourself speak. Do you hear yourself using negative words? Change your words to change the way you think: think, “I will,” “I must,” “I can.” Changing the way you speak, even in your head, will help forge momentum towards forward action.

2. Pinpoint Positive Outcomes

You have an idea of what the positive outcome would be like if you were to focus more of your energy or time towards changing any area of your life. Write down what those changes are as well as the positive outcome of those changes. What kind of pleasure will you experience? Write it down!

3. Know Why

Understand the reasons why you need and want to commit. Recognize the importance of the change you’re making as well as the benefit it will provide you overall.

4. Hold Yourself Accountable

It’s challenging to bring about such a huge change in yourself. Let important people in your life know about your intentions and challenge yourself to make them happen. Letting others know will help make you accountable. If something isn’t working, it’ll be harder to look for an exit strategy.

5. Focus on Action

Saying something 100 times is never the same as doing it once. Don’t focus on any days you didn’t take action. Celebrate small victories, including taking forward action, even if it seems miniscule relative to the goal.

To improve any area of your life, all you need to do is increase the level of commitment in that area. You’ll find that when you commit more of your energy, more of your focus, more of your time, and more of your resources to those areas, results and outcomes will increase dramatically. The most important ingredient to your own happiness and success in life is commitment. So stop holding yourself back! It’s your life and your decision to make—now go for it!