Career Makeover: Top 4 Tips to Achieve Your Goals

Ingenio Category: Life Coaching

careermakeover.jpgWho doesn’t love a makeover? Makeover shows seemed to take over the media in the last decade, from physical makeovers to home makeovers and everything in between. The appeal of these shows and the enticement it brings pretty clear—we all love the idea of getting a fresh start. We love victories, whether they’re internal or external. It’s a desire that lingers within all of us in some way. No matter who you are or what your life circumstances may be, you’d be lying if you said there wasn’t something that you wish could be different, from friends, to homes, to bodies, to careers.

A career makeover isn’t a novel concept by any means. One of the most interesting things about a career in this area may also be that a change in the work you do sets off a type of chain reaction. When you makeover your career, suddenly, other aspects in your life seem to change as well, (particularly the less satisfactory ones!).

If you’ve ever changed jobs or industries, worked with a recruiter, drafted a new resume or pursued additional education to increase your job prospects or opportunities, you’ve already taken steps to improve or “make over” your career. If you’re looking to vamp up this process, we’ve compiled some tips to help you achieve your goals.

1. Get Positive
Do it. It just takes practice. If your internal thoughts aren’t consistent with the path you want to take, you’ll never feel a sense of connection. This prevents making meaningful changes in your life and becoming your authentic self. Change begins from within! Until you resolve or heal the issues within, you’ll find it incredibly challenging to take steps leading to a fulfilling career – and future!

2. Get Balanced
Managing your career starts with healthy management of your personal time. Does work/life balance ring a bell? Perhaps one of the most difficult parts of a career makeover lies in efficient time management. In balancing your life and time, it takes a lot of courage to draw the line and put a limit to the amount of time you spend time working, but it’s crucial. If the work you does doesn’t allow you to set boundaries around your time, you will experience the dreaded burn out. Achieving work/life balance in your current job will enable you to truly give your best (and be your best) when reaching for that new career or goal.

3. Identify Your Vision
To achieve your goals, you need an idea of how to get there. This vision is crucial to your career makeover. Until that vision is clear, it’s nearly impossible to plot out the steps you need to take in order to get there. Ask yourself, what brings you the most joy? What type of job in what kind of industry would make you the most happy and why? What type of role do you see yourself five years from now? Allow yourself to consider your deepest desires. Remember that it only seems impossible today because you haven’t had the opportunity to break the path down into manageable chunks. Once you do, you’re ready for that career makeover.

4.Start At the End, Work Backwards
Now that you’ve considered your deepest desires, imagine you’ve landed your dream job and are living that dream life. What was the final step you took to get there? Now think about the step before that. Go through this process until you’ve arrived back at where you are today. Now that you’ve thought of these steps, develop a plan for achieving these goals now! But don’t worry—you’re not alone. An Ingenio coach is just one call away from helping you through this process and jump-starting your path to a new, fulfilling career.