So You've Decided to be a Life Coach

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If you’ve found this page, you’re in the right place.  And you’ve probably started asking the right questions.  We keep hearing it over and over: with the speed that technology is advancing, the world is just not the same place. People in all different industries are finding their work being outsourced or automated by a computer, resulting in huge shifts in our country’s employment statistics—and our own stability. While this isn’t great news for the person being outsourced, this is perfect news for you. That’s what brought you here today.

Who’s going to hire me?

Who’s going to provide me security?

What do I need to have a fulfilling career and safe future? 

 The answer is you.

One of the most valuable assets you could possess is a desire for self-improvement. This is why you’ve found Ingenio. When people are motivated by the betterment of their person, they’ll find that they’re not intimidated or discouraged by change and aren’t afraid to tackle new challenges. A challenge is just an opportunity to learn and grow. Now that you’ve identified this quality within yourself, are you ready to take advantage of it?

Ingenio is a community whose foundation lies in the search and exchange of treasured knowledge. While thousands of people are being forced out of jobs that no longer exist, you don’t need to rely on anyone to provide you with the tools for your survival. You have yourself, your knowledge, and your passion to grow.  

Life coaching isn’t a new concept, but with the constant disruption to our markets and economy, it’s becoming a concept that’s heavily in demand. Ingenio’s technology allows you to take your most valuable asset and build the life you want-- on your terms.  Through the study of self-improvement, positive-action theories, and the role that philosophy and spirituality in each of our lives, life coaching allows you provide others the constructive guidance they seek to make positive steps in their lives. Life coaching allows you to help people through understanding them—you’re not just helping someone else, but you continue to learn yourself. Empowerment starts here. So does your successful, fulfilling career path.