Becoming a Coach: What You Need to Know

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There are so many varying and unique reasons people make the decision to reach out to a life coach. It could be as obvious as seeking career help or career direction, or as enigmatic as seeking to find a spiritual answer to a lifelong, personal question. As the coaching profession continues to grow, so does the message of the effectiveness of the process in an individual’s life. Not to be mistaken with counseling or therapy, a coach’s duty is not to hash out old, lingering psychological blocks and provide a concrete answer, but rather to enable and empower a client to discover the answers they seek on their own.

Coaching is a unique way of helping individuals develop and achieve greatness in their personal lives. And most coaches will agree that helping others reach this greatness and achieve their full potential is incredibly rewarding and produces great satisfaction in their lives as well. As you consider entering the profession, here are some common features to remember about coaching:

The purpose of coaching is facilitating change.

Life coaching focuses on extracting an individual’s potential rather than giving direction from an outsider perspective.       

It develops rather than imposes.

It reflects rather than directs.

It enables rather than trains.

Coaching is reactive and flexible, allowing for personal transition on an individual basis.

There are no judgments in coaching, it’s not instructional, and it makes no assumptions.

Empathy is central to the coaching process.

To be a successful life coach, your aim is seeking to help a person better understand himself or herself. Focus on enablement and reflection, so that client decides and discovers their required progression.

Remember, you are a guide! Keep in mind these important themes of coaching. When you focus on the two-way process, you’ll help yourself grow and become more self-aware, and at the same time (and most importantly) help others to overcome problems in their lives and achieve their full potential.