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Understanding Human Behavior is a very complex matter, as a Board Certified Forensic Examiner/Profiler I can help you understand the emotional makeup of the people in your personal and professional life.

I have seventeen years working and teaching experience both here in the USA and in the Peoples Republic of China.

I can help you to acquire a better understanding of your emotional make up and why you may be misunderstood at times.

We all feel emotion but deal with our emotions in different ways. I can help you understand these emotional differences and why your emotional wants, needs and desires are not being met. Profiling on any level is not based on a person's race, creed, color or national origin. It is based on behavior patterns that are consistent over a period of time and what those behavior patterns are telling me.

The four diagnostic tools I use in conducting a profile on the personality are:

Behavioral Profiling:

In my seventeen years of working, teaching and training people both here in the USA and in the Peoples Republic of China and through my own research, study, training and education with other internationally known forensic experts in the field of behavioral profiling, I began to see the same patterns of behavior emerging time and time again. There are certain personality types who are arrogant deceitful and very manipulative. They are emotional vampires who are extremely insecure personalities who can be callous, uncaring, exploitive and cause emotional and physical harm when their insecurities are triggered "real or imagined."

The most difficult aspect of profiling and understanding human behavior and why people act the way they do is to remember; that behavior is on a bell curve. Each and everyone of us have a little dysfunction in our behavior at times. As I state to my clients "no one is without sins."

The difference is when the dysfunctional behavior becomes pathological or extreme. The personality is reluctant to change. People always do what has worked for them in the past. That their way is the only way. What most people do not realize is that the insecure personality who may project confidence and a good measure of self esteem has a well crafted game plan that works very effectively in keeping you from exposing them for the insecure personalities that they are. Their arrogant, self centered ways may come across as being confident and self assured. That is their objective. Remember there are two types of confidence. There is confidence in function, what he/she does for a living; teacher, head of a company, manager, computer expert, athlete, musician etc. The personality through repetition becomes very good at what they do. Repetition builds confidence.

Then there is confidence in me, myself and I. This is the measure of the personalities true self worth and self esteem. How the personality feels about themselves. As a profiler, I pay very close attention to the personalities true not projected confidence and self esteem. This is where serious problems will surface in a partnership, relationship and friendship. Sometimes with devastating consequences.

Handwriting Analysis:

Based on American Trait Theory and the Psychology behind the one hundred and twenty researched traits that I would detect, identify and analyze in a sample(s) of handwriting of the personality in question.

A professional forensic/therapeutic profile is based on the frame of mind the writer was in at the time of the writing/printing through presented written/printed individual letter and stroke structure. The traits I would detect, identify and analyze for you would be and not limited to the following:

  • Emotional responsiveness
  • Emotional intensity
  • Thinking process
  • Attitude
  • Moody behavior
  • Sexual responsiveness
  • Anger/Temper
  • Jealousy
  • Domineering behavior
  • Desire for attention
  • Is the writer aggressive and have dangerous sexual capabilities?
  • What is his/her potential for violent and aggressive behavior?

Statement Analysis:

Is based on word definitions and the rules of grammar. Forensic Statement Analysis is an invaluable diagnostic tool in Deception Detection showing commitment or lack of commitment of the personality's words, written or verbal.

  • The majority of the techniques are based on word definitions. Every word a person uses has a meaning. When you combine this with the fact that people mean exactly what they say, it then becomes possible to determine what a person is telling you and if the person is being truthful
  • Forensic Statement Analysis is based the rules of grammar.
  • When using Forensic Statement Analysis we do not interpret what a person is stating, we explain what the person is stating.
  • I can conduct a Statement Analysis of e-mails, text messages and messenger print outs, detecting deception and lack of commitment to the personality's statement.

Nonverbal Communication(Body Language)

  • Is the personality showing sincere interest?
  • What is the meaning behind a change in their base line behavior?
  • I will teach/explain to you what the personalities "tells" (nonverbal expressions) are actually saying to you and the truth and the misconception behind nonverbal expressions and deception detection.

It is very important for you to understand that people will always return to their normal mode of behavior once the initial stages of the relationship are over. Once the newness and the excitement wears off, what type of behavior can you expect from him/her? This is the information I can and will provide for you. What a person projects and what a person really is may be two entirely different matters. I will explain to you what he/she is really all about. I look forward to talking to you. Answering your questions on Forensic Threat Assessment Profiling, Handwriting Analysis, Statement Analysis and Nonverbal Communication. I will explain to you how these diagnostic tools are used in Behavioral Profiling and to help give you a better understanding of "Human Behavior." I am Ingenio's highest rated male advisor. Please check my ratings and feedback on the Love advice site .

Traits are expressed through behavior.
Past behavior is indicative of future behavior.
Behavior reflects personality.

I have a very warm and compassionate approach in the way I work with my clients since we will be talking about very sensitive and personal emotional issues that are important to you.

I am non-judgmental. I am here to teach you something about "Understanding Human Behavior" Remember something, information is power the more you learn/understand, the sooner you begin helping yourself.

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